Install custom social share counters on your website with your own hosted solution, which only makes a single API request and loads minimal or zero assets to display the counters.

⚠️ The Meddelare project has been shut down as of 2020-12-07. No updates will be made and the source code will possibly be deleted in the future. Please download what you need as soon as possible.


This is an open source and self-hosted alternative to sharing services such as AddThis and ShareThis. Because you run the proxy server yourself, you are also defending your users’ privacy against the social networks’ tracking. Users only opt in to their tracking once they decide to click a share button – never implicitly just because they visited your page.


  • Completely customizable user interface design -- use layout, logotypes, animations of your own choice.
  • A single API call to get counts from multiple social networks, delivered as JSON or JSONP.
  • Calls social networks in parallel from the server, making it (approximately) as fast to get the count from one as several at once.
  • No third party resources required – you can host both the social buttons server and any resources yourself.
  • Blocks social networks' user tracking by proxying calls until the user decides to click a share button.
  • Super-fast in-memory cache keeps the most recent results per network and url.
  • Easy to deploy and prepared for CDN proxies.